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Founder: Rachel Chan

U-Can Marketing was genuinely founded by a board of directors in 1993 with the vision to cater the popular demand gifts, souvenirs, premium products for the Malaysia regressive tourism and industrial trade. The company scope was solely concentrating on ready-made gifts, souvenirs and premium products such as trophies, pewters, metals, acrylic and wood products.

In year 1996, October, the 17th, the company was incorporated into U-Can Marketing Sdn. Bhd. to enhance the services to cater higher demand and provide better services to the clients in the competitive modern business world.

Due to the high requirement of various and creative design patterns by clients, a graphic department was carefully formed in year 1997 to be more professional in handling the clients every need in their diverse fields. It is also an aim to satisfy the expectation of our fast growing groups of prestigious clients to create a more “personal touch” to their need. Thereafter, the graphic department is teamed with a group of passionate and experienced, skilled designers in executing printing newsletters, flyers, designs, brochures, annual reports, banners, catalogues and etc… in their very innovation way.

Currently,U-Can Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is working closely with both local and global companies to cater their needs in supplying them the products to their liking. At the same time, the company is progressing themselves in order to keep up to the competitive market with its capability in providing quality, competitive price, creative products of all range.

In this ever changing and progressive world, times and moments pass us by with nothing left but memories that linger within to relate the experiences one has encountered.

To every place that we visit, we should only bring back fond memories. To every event that is history, only sweet memories can tell tales.

To enhance and provide these memorable events and places, what other things that could be more important than momentous that commemorated those events.

U-Can Marketing Sdn. Bhd. believes in giving valuable memories that will forever be shared and placed not only in one’s heart but can re-tell in many rooms and many different ways.